Everyuth Wildcard is here!

You know one of the few good things that comes out of being locked up and locked in amidst a global pandemic? It gives us not just the chance but also the time and motivation to explore our talents, as a means of expressing or even distracting ourselves in the middle of the chaos outside.

To add to that motivation, we’ve got some exciting news that will give you even more of an incentive to make the most of the downtime we have and hone your talent. So whether you move to the beats, or create groovy beatboxing jams; whether you let your song set you free or put pen to paper and create beautiful poetry; whether your magic comes through art or your art lies in magic – We know just how you can make the most of your #FreshFactor.


If you’ve always dreamt of performing on the big stage, this is an opportunity you just can’t pass up. We’re here to tell you how you can give yourself the best shot at winning a chance to compete for the title at the National Finale of Everyuth Times Fresh Face Season 13. 


Pick your Performance Perfectly

No matter what your talent is, it’s important to realise not just the importance of your registration video, but also the format. Since this is a video entry and not an in-person audition, you need to make sure that every aspect of your #NaturalBest shines through in this video. So whether it’s song selections, dialogues for an act or even a magic trick, selections are key.

Practice Practice Practice

Whether it’s a face to face audition, an online audition or a video entry – practice truly does make perfect. When you know your performance well, it shows, no matter what the platform. So take the time to rehearse your act well, maybe perform it for an audience of friends or family and iron out all the kinks before you record your final video.

Charm us with your Personality

Yes, having an amazing talent is very important to win Fresh Face, but remember, that’s not enough! What we’re looking for is your Fresh Factor. We want to see the perfect combination of your incredible talent and your charming personality! So add a short intro, a reflection of your personality in your performance and a uniqueness that shows us your Natural Best in the video.

Make your Video Wildcard Worthy

Your performance may be in place, your charm may be on point, but if that doesn’t reflect through the video, it won’t matter. So once you’re ready with your final performance, record it and see what it looks like. Make sure your sample video has perfect audio, you fit well in the frame without hands or legs getting cut and the lighting is bright and clear. Once you’re happy, turn practice to perfection and send in your final video!

Believe in your Natural Best

Make sure your final video reflects who you are. We want to see you and your Fresh Factor because we love it best when you’re authentic and flawsome! So don’t put on a persona that you think we want to see, because what we want is to e-meet the real you through your Wildcard Entry

Now that you have your simple steps in place, all you have to do is head on over to timesfreshface.com/wildcard when you’re ready and send in your registration.

(But don’t take too long, registrations close soon!)
See you at the Finale!